Deep Time walk in Sydney

ID482_deep-time_lane-halsey_webhighJoin us at ISEA 2013 in Sydney, Australia

You are invited to contribute to the discussion. For those who are interested physics, biology, geology or any of the paleo sciences, we encourage you to come along and share your knowledge/interests with others. We would also like to hear from people who could share with us about different cultural or philosophical ideas about time, energy and ancestors, as a way to cross-pollinate the discussion.

Dates: 9 and 10 June at 1pm, 2013
Place: Shop 2.03, 140 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney

Cost: Free (audioscape requires access to mobile data for your phone)

Please bring: Your wonder! We invite you to join the walk events and to bring along your own related wonders on the below topics. These might be stories, perspectives, questions and curiosities, objects, photos for example. You are also welcome to just come and listen. The topics we are seeking different cultural, scientific or personal perspectives on are …

∞  time     •  energy     α  the complexity of life     ×  ancestors

You might for example want to share the creation story from your cultural reference points, or discuss different ways of thinking about time or energy. We encourage you to contact us with your ideas or any questions so we can get an idea of participants. You can also simply come along and see on the day how the conversation evolves and where you might want to join in.

Format: After short self-introductions, the gathered group will then walk through the geologic time scale, from the formation of the planet through the gradual stages of emergence of complex life.