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Time & Relavity

Scientists prove time really does pass quicker at a higher altitude


BBC What is time?

Brian Cox

‪What time is it?‬
BBC Brian Cox
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Arthur – spinning of the earth – 1.9 milliseconds more than 24 hours
Caesium atoms are  made to jump up and down, and send out light they peak every 9 billion per seconds. putting out electronic signal.
Atomic clock in washington DC
Islamic 1400, Mayan end of the long count – 0000…
Light from the sun, 8mins in the past

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Steve Beckwith – picture taken from Hubble Telescope… 2004
The Ultra Deep Field… 13 billion years…
Picture of deep time in space — spatially going through
Birth of  universe – 13 billion years ago. Orthodox view is that time began then.
Neil Turok at Cambridge – believes big bang caused by
Slowmotion camera

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The quantam world. Einstein’s work on time – space and time as the same – space-time fabric – woven together and can get mixed up. It wasn’t just a metronome that ticks.. at different places metronomes tick different speeds. There is no absolute time. You will see the time tick slower at the base of my feet, than at the top of my head. This is because the nearer you are to a big object like the earth, the more bent and warped is the space-time, and the slower time ticks. On our planet it is miniscule, but in the universe
At the large haystack radio antenna, just north of Boston – one of largest in the world – Astronomer Irwin Shapiro at the helm. They devised an experiment to see if the sun causes time to tick differently, than how it ticks here on earth. How long would it take for a light signal to get to Mercury from the Earth and it’s echo to get back to the earth? They were looking for a measurement of time to a very high accuracy. In the results, a spike appears in the orbit of mercury, whenever the planet goes behind the sun as seen from the earth. It deviated from it’s’ orbit.
Physicist talking about grainy time, and growth of grains as reality

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Physicist talking about grainy time, and growth of grains as reality

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