This site is something of time capsule — of my earlier creative work. The thinking from this time remains, but may soon rejoin the world in a different form. For now though I will leave this site here as a documentation of that time.

House of Wonder
programmes encourage the sharing of knowledge, ideas, skills, perspectives, intrigues and fascinations about nature across disciplines and cultures.

In this way we nurture a multi-disciplinary network of individuals interested in learning more about other knowledge areas and to share our cultural views and perspectives of nature. We want to encourage the capacity to create innovative research, develop the ability to work across disciplines on complex topics such as climate change, and grow a productive social environment for critically assessing the ideas generated.

In addition to the ongoing dinner and dialogues series, are walks and workshops for the young or inquisitive. All are invited to join for the events for these projects, such as A Walk Through Deep Time.

Where noted, walks and workshop events have been supported through a partnership with Intercreate.org, an arts organisation which works to cross-pollinate creativity across art, science, culture and technology.

The house

Playing tennis on the courts that were out front of the house in a bygone era.

The house itself is a simple, large country house, built in approximately 1915 by Robert Graham Findlay Jnr, and has stayed in the Lane/Findlay family, who have been in Miranda for four generations. The nearby Robert Findlay Wildlife Reserve was till recently a part of the family farm. It is now owned and managed by the PÅ«korokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust and Shorebird Centre.

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