House of Wonder is currently focusing on developing projects which provide a means to reflect on the vast scales of time and space within which we exist. Physically representing these as walks and installations, these projects are formulated to be able to be recreated by others in their own homes our neighbourhoods. House of Wonder installations will also come to form some of the activities available to retreat guests.


Biologist Mike Dickison next to cairns placed to represent mass extinction events, in the first prototyping workshop for A Walk Through Deep Time.

A Walk through Deep Time

A physical walk through the vast scales of deep time – from the formation of the earth, to the era of an array of complex lifeforms which we live amongst today. This walk is being formed over time via a number of Wonderlogue events and workshops. These events gather a variety of people across creative, cultural and scientific perspectives together to discuss aspects of this large and complex topic.


The image being used as a guide for the creation of the Galaxy Lawn on the front lawn.

Galaxy Lawn

This project involves the experimental reconfiguration of the front lawn to create an image of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Daisies are currently being cultivated to be exclusively planted in certain areas of the lawn to represent the ‘arms’ of the  galaxy. A variety of further potential lawn flowers are also being investigated.




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