A Dinner for a Lepidopterist: Energy as Orientation

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Sunday May 22, 2011 – 6pm

Migrating shorebird researchers, moths and butterfly experts, philosophers, astronomers, orchardists and cooks… what might these knowledge areas have in common? If the moon guides the moth, and electromagnetics the kuaka, then how might knowledge of cosmologies – both maori and european – in turn guide these understandings? Over a shared hearty winter meal, the Keeper of the House looks forward to exploring the many such interconnections between the work of her guests.

Prior Event:

Miranda Naturalist Trust AGM
May 22nd (Sun) 2011
Birdwatching first as early tide, then talk 11am.
Guest Speaker: Dr Robert Hoare – The ghosts on the Coast and other Mythic Moths of Miranda. All welcome!

Dinner Guest List:

Dr Robert Hoare — Lepidopterist (Butterfly, Moth specialist)
Paul Moss — Astronomer/Astrophotographer
Maria Heidemann — Stilt Dancer & Video Artist
Keith Woodley — Miranda Naturalist Trust (Shorebird & Godwit/Kuaka specialist)
Dr Ruth Irwin — Philosopher studying Climate Change
Annie & Sean Wilson – Local organic orchardists and amazing cooks


» See notes on this past event

A Dinner for a Lepidopterist


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