Atmospherics & the Experiential

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Saturday June 11, 2011 – 6pm

A view of air trajectories which arrived at Miranda prior to the dinner.

What do we know of the interconnectedness of ocean and atmosphere? How much can we come to know from observation and the physical sensing of our environment? For this dinner we welcome the visit of US artist Andrea Polli whose work has included the sonification of major atmospheric phenomena such as hurricanes and climate change, and research into scientific vs. experiential understanding of weather data. Through decades of collaboration with scientists and the urgency of issues such as climate change, her perspectives on both the arts and the sciences has shifted and changed.

Guest List:

Andrea Polli — Andrea is a US artist, with a focus on atmosphere and ocean issues. She would be interested in meeting scientists and other people involved with ocean and atmospheric ecologies while here, especially those monitoring both using technological and experiential methods. Andrea is also heading up the organisation of ISEA 2012 in Alburquerque.
Ian Clothier — Artist, Curator, co-organiser (with The Keeper) of
Keith Woodley — Miranda Naturalist Trust (Shorebird & Godwit/Kuaka specialist)
Janine Randerson – Media artist interested in both Kuaka (Godwit), migration and atmospherics
Jason Johnston – Sound artist and composer.
Kanani Cowell – Artist, teacher, and art farmer.
Mark Thornton – Historian and teacher of Ancient Greek and Maths

Optional Post Event:

Some backyard astronomy and/or Hot Pools!



» See notes on this past event


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