Sydney event — invites

Join for a Walk in Sydney

A similarly wide range of participants are invited to join for the upcoming walk events to be held in Sydney as part of ISEA 2013 and the Electronic art pop-ups programme (see more details for June 9 and the June 10 events).

Unguided: the Audioscape

For the self-guided experience, the location-sensitive audioscape will also be available for the duration of ISEA (Fri 7th – Sun 16th June). This currently requires a GPS-enabled iOS device, the Deep Time iPhone app, and access to mobile data. For travellers to ISEA in Sydney, information on some affordable local mobile data providers is available here and here. Trail maps can be picked up from the event meeting place.


Join us at ISEA 2013 in Sydney, Australia

Come and join us for A Walk Through Deep Time in Sydney, Australia. Astrophysics, geology, evolutionary biology, and the paleo sciences, will meet with the creativity of the cultures of our time on a walk that will stretch from the formation of Earth to today.

∞  time     •  energy     α  the complexity of life     ×  ancestors

All participants are invited to ‘bring a wonder’ to share on one or more of the above topics. This could be an idea or story that amazed you, an object you can bring… you decide. You might for example want to discuss different ways of thinking about time or energy. We encourage you to contact us with your ideas or any questions so we can get an idea of participants. You can also simply come along and see on the day how the conversation evolves and where you might want to join in.

Format: After short self-introductions, the gathered group will then walk through the geologic time scale, from the formation of the planet through the gradual stages of emergence of complex life.

Dates: Sunday June 9 and Monday June 10 – both start at 1pm, 2013
Meet:  Shop 2.03, 140 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney

Cost: Free (audioscape requires access to mobile data for your phone)

Not in Sydney? You will soon be able to add your wonders to the audioscape for the walk online.


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